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Framework for Lifecycle Status Tracking and Visualization of Constructed Facility Components

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Hammad, Amin and Motamedi, Ali

Framework for Lifecycle Status Tracking and Visualization of Constructed Facility Components

Abstract: Four-dimensional (4D) models link 3D construction models with schedule data. The visual representation of the schedule is capable of facilitating decision making during the planning and construction phases as well as the maintenance phase. However, the process of conventional data collection methods for progress monitoring is labour intensive, time consuming and error-prone; therefore, updating the virtual model based on status information is not practical. In this research, we propose a framework for lifecycle status tracking and visualization of constructed facility components using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. The proposed approach facilitates and enhances the process of data acquisition not only during the construction phase, but also during the subsequent maintenance phase. The components of the facility are tagged after being manufactured with RFID tags that remain on the components throughout their lifecycle. Each component is scanned in several phases and data are collected. The real-time interaction between the facility and its virtual model results in automatic creation of an accurate 4D model which can be used for progress monitoring and visual comparison of the planned schedule against the actual progress. The feasibility and challenges of the proposed framework are discussed and demonstrated using a prototype system and a real-world case study.

Keywords: RFID, Progress Management, 4D Modeling, Lifecycle status tracking, Visualization


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