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Paper convr-2013-27:
Live mobile panoramic high accuracy augmented reality for engineering and construction

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Côté S,Trudel P,Desbiens M-A,Giguère M,Snyder R

Live mobile panoramic high accuracy augmented reality for engineering and construction

Abstract: Augmented reality finds many potential uses in the infrastructure world. However, the work done by architects and engineers has potential impacts on people’s lives. Therefore, the data they base their decisions upon must be accurate and reliable. Unfortunately, so far augmented reality has failed to provide the level of accuracy and robustness that would be required for engineering and construction work using a portable setup. Recent work has shown that panorama based augmentation can provide a level of accuracy that is higher than standard video-based augmentation methods, because of its wider field of view. In this paper, we present a live mobile augmentation method based on panoramic video. The environment is captured live using a high resolution panoramic video camera installed on top of a tripod, and positioned in the area to be augmented. The system is first initialized by the user, who aligns the 3D model of the environment with the panoramic stream. The live scene is then augmented with a 3D CAD model, the augmenting elements being properly occluded by live moving objects in the scene. To augment the scene from a different vantage point, the user grabs the tripod and carries it to the new location. During that time, the system calculates the camera position by tracking optical features identified on the panoramic video stream. When the user places the tripod back on the ground, the system automatically resumes augmentation from the new position. The system was tested in indoor and outdoor conditions. Results demonstrate high tracking accuracy, jitter free augmentation, and that the setup is sufficiently portable to be used on site.

Keywords: Live augmented reality,accuracy,panorama,video,construction,3D model


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