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Paper convr-2013-3:
Integrated process mapping for bim implemenation in green building project delivery

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Wu W,Issa R

Integrated process mapping for bim implemenation in green building project delivery

Abstract: Professionals in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry are becoming more versed with building information modeling (BIM), and start to recognize its synergy with green building. As more owners are demanding better building performance to meet regulatory requirements, business goals or to establish a positive public image, implementing BIM in green building project delivery offers project teams the ideal leverage to meet owners’ expectations. Current Green BIM practices are immature, ad-hoc and unsystematic. The lack of an integrated process is the biggest barrier to exploring the benefits of Green BIM to their full extent. The fact that most project teams are transient in nature also makes it challenging to replicate success from one project to another. Other major obstacles reside in understanding the subtleties in differentiating the roles and responsibilities of team members, determining appropriate BIM execution strategies and standardizing information exchange (IE). Hence, the purpose of this research is to conduct a comprehensive review of existing Green BIM strategies and best practices, and to develop an Integrated Green BIM Process Map (IGBPM) to provide guidance on BIM implementation in green building project delivery. The deliverables of this research include a customized worksheet for project sustainability goals and BIM use identification, Level 1 of the IGBPM and several examples of the Level 2 process maps using LEED as a use case. The IGBPM is valuable to industry practitioners since it represents a holistic and systematic approach to efficiently utilize limited BIM resources to overcome the challenges and complexities to successfully delivering the project and achieving the targeted green certification. The structural transparency of the IGBPM also encourages risk/benefit sharing that can help enhance collaboration among team members and eventually facilitate a more integrated delivery of green building projects.

Keywords: Building information modeling,green building,process mapping,project delivery


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