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Paper convr-2013-31:
Towards a systematic production progress assessment based on AR on BIM prerequisites and functional requirements

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Grazina J,Cachadinha N

Towards a systematic production progress assessment based on AR on BIM prerequisites and functional requirements

Abstract: Many studies on augmented reality (AR) have showed that its usage in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector is beneficial. Nowadays AR technology is growing rapidly, and the AEC sector can only benefit from it. Implementing AR upon Building Information Models (BIM) opens perspectives for new techniques and systems to manage onsite production. Measuring activities progress on a worksite is a time consuming process, and sometimes subject to inaccuracy. This may cause delays and cost overrun. Inaccuracy is mainly due to the lack of a standardized method to measure progress, which is usually done by each stakeholder according to his own customary method. Aiming at expediting and improving the reliability of the onsite production progress measurement, this study presents a conceptual model to measure activities progress and perform schedule updating using AR applied to BIM. For this purpose, the systems structure and design methodology (SSADM) was used to gather all the basic operations from similar systems, identify and eliminate the existing gaps, and add new operations. The concept proposed is based on a 5D (3D + schedule + cost) BIM model, which includes the activities planning, linked to the line items from the bill of quantities (BOQ). By superimposing the 5D model with reality onsite, it is possible to measure the activities progress and the cost up-to-date, through a physical comparison of as-built with as-planned. Deviations from the as-planned (both positive and negative) are detected by the system, which then automatically adjusts the planning according to the real worksite situation. This system reduces measurement errors and keeps the activities plan and costs updated. Measuring all kind of operations using AR onsite is seen as future perspectives.

Keywords: Building Information Modelling,Augmented Reality,Progress Measurement,Planning Production


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