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Paper convr-2013-33:
A BIM and AR based platform for managing non-conformances

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Berto P,Cachadinha N

A BIM and AR based platform for managing non-conformances

Abstract: Defects and errors are common and occur repeatedly during construction projects. An effective management of non conformances is vital for a streamlined and efficient production progress. Large quantities of data and information are produced, which can be lost or misinterpreted. Several defect managing systems have been developed to facilitate measuring and correcting defects. However, few focus on data and information gathering and sharing, as well as providing an efficient communication tool for teams on site. Building Information Modeling (BIM) has proven to improve communication and information sharing. The lack of platforms that integrate BIM in the communication processes used on site is hindering the full exploitation of its potential in improving communication. The overarching aim of this research is to develop a unified real-time communication platform capable of providing richer information for the decision making in the non conformances management process. This study lays out the conceptual framework for the communication platform “C-BIM-thru-AR” (Communicating BIM through Augmented Reality). This platform integrates BIM models into the communication channels used on-site and offsite via Augmented Reality (AR) systems. To develop the “C-BIM-thru-AR”, first the systems functional requirements had to be established. To accomplish this, the Integrated Definition for Function Modeling (IDEF0) technique was used to create as-is maps to analyze processes included in production management and establish functional requirements. With the functional requirements gathered and by applying a system thinking approach, the platforms framework and network architecture were developed. The proposed platform aims at enhancing the management and quality of all the information produced from the management of non conformances, ultimately improving the processes productivity. In future studies, the proposed platform could be exploited in the management of subcontractors’ performance which could be stored automatically in the “C-BIM-thru-AR” platform.

Keywords: Building Information Modeling,Augmented Reality,Unified Communication Platform,Communication,Information Sharing


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