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Paper convr-2013-6:
Design-for-safety analysis support system for building designers

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Kamardeen I

Design-for-safety analysis support system for building designers

Abstract: Accident prevention and control in construction is a continuing challenge. The construction industry has one of the worst workplace health and safety records globally. There is considerable evidence that decisions made by designers early in the development process have significant implications for the safety of workers on construction sites. Recognizing the important contributions which good design can make in improving safety performance, many governments around the world have mandated Design-for-Safety (DfS) in their workplace health and safety legislations. Designers in many countries are now required by law to include DfS in their design practices, which is a major modification to their traditional roles and responsibilities. Nonetheless, research shows that most designers lack the expertise required for effective implementation of DfS. This paper discusses the development of a mobile computing enabled knowledge management system that can assist designers to reduce accidents in the construction industry through safe designs. The system can provide modular and just-in-time knowledge support to designers during the design process. The utilization of the system could foster enhanced DfS implementation in industry and thereby accident reduction in construction projects.

Keywords: Workplace health and safety,Design for Safety,Knowledge Management System,Mobile Computing


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