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Paper convr-2013-9:
Offline spatial panoramic video augmentation for visual communication in the AEC industry

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Côté S,Barnard J,Snyder R,Gervais R

Offline spatial panoramic video augmentation for visual communication in the AEC industry

Abstract: Renovation of existing buildings is a type of construction work that requires a very good understanding of the existing built environment. Accurate bidding and proper planning for such construction projects requires detailed information both from the 3D CAD model and of the existing building. The problem is both sources of information are heterogeneous: one is in the form of digital data (2D CAD drawings, 3D CAD models), while the other is the actual physical world. The CAD model and drawings deliver the designer’s construction intent, while the physical world provides integration context. A user must do significant mental efforts to merge the 2 types of data and form a mental image of the work that is actually required. In this paper, we present a technique that enables the visualization of augmented scenes, packaged in a visualization application that can be used on site or off site by construction bidders, planners and workers. The building environment is first captured by walking in the area holding a panoramic video camera. The panoramic video stream is then post-processed to align each of its frames with a 3D model of the building. A user can then use the viewer to navigate the pre-recorded photo-realistic scene at any location and orientation along the camera paths, and augment it with the 3D model, to reveal hidden structure represented in the model, or 3D elements showing future portions to be added. Our method was tested on a building for which a detailed 3D CAD model (BIM) was available. Results show that the system could enable a better communication between the designer and the builder by displaying the designed construction intent in its real context, and therefore could allow more accurate bidding and work planning, and generally, could facilitate better understanding of the work to be done.

Keywords: Augmented Reality,environment,panorama,CAD model,BIM,construction,renovation


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