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Paper ecce-1997-141:
Design of structural elements by use of expert networks

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Delic D

Design of structural elements by use of expert networks

Abstract: Shown are three nets. As the first, shown is an example of evaluating a classic rule based expert system to an expert network by replacing one of its knowledge base searching module with a neural network. The second net is used to describe a behavior model of compound steekoncrete columns. Following the design procedure of the DIN 18800 part two, and using just a selected part of data tables for columns design presented as the input data for neural network , the author succeed to organize the design process by neural network only. The rules in the expert system are used for design flow controlling. The third net is not an expert network. It is a neural network combined with PASCAL codes, but should be embedded into an expert system. The work is dealing with problems of variably Input energy control into structural systems (smart bridges) depending on the monitored generated incoming (traffic) loading.



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