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Paper ecce-1997-377:
Documentation and data archival of civil infrastructure research using multimedia cd-rom

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Helmicki A, Aktan A, Hunt V, Wilson A

Documentation and data archival of civil infrastructure research using multimedia cd-rom

Abstract: The University of Cincinnati Infrastructure Institute (UCll) currently operates a decommissioned steel stringer bridge testbed site which is serving as the test specimen for researching and demonstrating condition assessment and structural damage detection concepts and tools. The research is designed around the iterative application of various damage scenarios followed by structural identification in order to determine the viability and sensitivity of various experimental approaches (including instrumented monitoring and modal testing) for use in objective condition assessment. This project constitutes a first of its kind attempt at the study of these methods applied under realistic damage conditions to an actual full-scale operating structure. As a result, the experimental data and results acquired during this research are potentially of great value members of the academic, government, and induslrial communities. Correspondingly, one of the goals of this research is the dissemination of results through the use of a CD-ROM multimedia database incorporating infomation in audio, video, photogrammetric, diagrammaticKADD, text, graphical, and raw numeric data formats. The goal of this effort is to effectively communicate to users all information about the project necessary to be able to make use of the experimental data and results obtained in an intelligent and informed manner. This paper describes various design and development issues connected with this database development effort.



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