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Paper ecce-1997-54:
A cad-integrated process planning system for the design, fabrication and assembly of reinforcing steel

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Salim M D

A cad-integrated process planning system for the design, fabrication and assembly of reinforcing steel

Abstract: The fast advancement of computer technology has greatly benefited the industry in general. In particular manufacturing has embraced the benefits of computers to control production processes which is directly interfaced with computer aided design and drafting software. The construction industry, on the other hand, has yet to realii the full spectrum of potential gains that can be derived from the use of computer. However, the construction industry is currently experiencing a marked increase in the introduction of automated methods to improve productivity. One area where drastic improvements in productivity can be expected through computer integrated system is the fabrication and assembly of reinforcing steel in construction. This paper presents new concepts for feature-based design and process planning, a key element of computer-integrated construction (CIC). The work discnssed in this paper includes the establishment of feature based design within AutoCAD. It is integrated with a database and the LEVEL5 OBJECT software. AutoLISP programs were written to support the feature based detail design of an object. LEVEL5 OBJECT combines expert system technologies and object-oriented programming. Finally, the paper presents the CAD-integrated process planning system linked with a reinforcing steel fabrication facility for automated fabrication operations.



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