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Paper ecce-2001-13:
Monitoring use of communications on a partneringproject

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Howard R

Monitoring use of communications on a partneringproject

Abstract: The 'Process and product development in the building industry' (PPB) projectin Denmark has acted as a test bed for various types of innovation in buildingsocial housing since 1995. Four consortia developed methods of design andconstruction that were tested on a series of similar housing projects. Thedevelopment project was supported by the Ministries of Industry and Housing,who commissioned the ITbyg group to monitor use of information technology.Partnering between the designers and constructors, should have been verysuitable for electronic communication. DTU studied various media used duringboth design and construction stages. It carried out Social Network Analysis ofthe number of messages, and partners involved, in different methods of sharingdata. This is a case study of one consortium and describes its communicationsover a two-week period and their use to solve a design problem. It found thatelectronic communication was little used to solve the problem, but Email wasgenerally used and Project Webs were being tried. However even 5 years ofpartnering is too short for a project team to change its methods of working.

Keywords: Partnering, Communications, Project Web, Social Network Analysis, Housing


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