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Paper ecce-2001-20:
Services for inter-enterprise information management in dynamicvirtual enterprises

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Harvey S C, Rezgui Y, Zarli A, Kazi A S

Services for inter-enterprise information management in dynamicvirtual enterprises

Abstract: State of the art research in Construction IT reveals that integration has been achieved, mostly, onstatic models that define the structure of shared information in the form of files or databases. Thispaper advocates that integration should be made through frameworks that define the semanticrelationships between the interfaces of separate distributed components (and the way to make those relationships evolve in the course of a project/process). Based on a requirements analysis ofindustrial partners, the OSMOS specification was made in the form of a set of information modelsand a set of required services packaged in the form of an OSMOS API. This paper focused on: emailbased communication service, document cross-referencing/information management service,virtual enterprise manager, and information browser.

Keywords: Virtual Enterprise, Distributed Systems, Teamwork Support, API, services,


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