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Paper ecce-2001-30:
Converting CAD drawings to product models

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Noack R

Converting CAD drawings to product models

Abstract: Methods to automatically recognize building elements in CAD drawings for use in product model orobject based AEC systems are investigated. The need for this is shown by the fact that none of theexisting commercial model based systems are able to read drawings produced by earlier vectorbased systems. Although the scope of this study is limited to use information stored in layerseparated vector databases, much like the main bulk of drawings produced in the 20th century, it isbelieved that the methods can be applied to scanned drawings too. The methods presented aredescribed and followed by a discussion of its application to different types of geometricrepresentations. Prototype implementations have shown that it is possible to acquire good results ofrecognition on a specific subset of symbols, predetermined by the domain of interest.

Keywords: Shape recognition, shape interpretation, product models


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