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Paper ecce-2001-4:
Integrating software services for preproject-planning

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Divita E L, Fischer M, Kunz J

Integrating software services for preproject-planning

Abstract: Sharing computer models among project participants and their software applications (services) canimprove the quality and reduce the time to perform Pre-Project Planning (PPP) for construction projects.However, sharing knowledge and data among independent services for PPP requires a formal computerinterpretable vocabulary (ontology), and managing the automated interoperation of services requirescontrol architecture and reasoning mechanisms. This research extends PPP process modeling and CircleIntegration. To date, PPP process modeling has been limited to generic representations of the PPPprocess. We present a more formal representation of PPP variables and relationships from which the PPPworkflow process can be derived in real time while performing integrated and automated PPP. We refer tothe specification of PPP variables and relations as the PPP ontology. The PPP ontology provides afoundation from which developers of PPP software services can create PPP analysis services. Suchservices can be joined together in any combination and will work together to perform multi-disciplinaryPPP tasks. Circle integration is an architecture and methodology for integrating software services bylinking them together to form a unified analysis system. We extend circle integration architecture byautomatically relating services to each other at run time and by operationalizing circle integration controlmechanisms that plan, execute, and re-plan the PPP process at run time based upon the requirements ofthe set of services that happen to be connected to the system. In this paper, we describe the structure ofthe PPP ontology and the function of the circle integration mechanisms using a simplified example of golfresort development.



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