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Paper ecce-2001-6:
A rating system for AEC e-bidding that accounts for rater credibility

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Ekström M A, Björnsson H C

A rating system for AEC e-bidding that accounts for rater credibility

Abstract: We believe that a rating system can substantially improve the effectiveness of an AEC ecommercemarket since it can provide a means for market participants to share information about performance.One critical issue in the design of rating system is how to weight the ratings depending on who isthe rater. Source credibility theory from the area of communication science offers a solution to thisproblem since it provides a means for user's to explicitly rate the reliability of a given rater. We alsoclaim that it is important what type information that is available for assessing the raters' credibility.In this paper we propose an algorithm to calculate ratings of AEC subcontractors based on theuser's different types of information about the credibility of the raters. Finally, we describe anexperiment in progress to investigate the use of source credibility as a basis for a functioning AECrating system.

Keywords: Rating system, e-commerce, bidding, construction industry, source credibility, trust, pairwise


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