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Paper itaec-2003-22:
Development of Dynamic Planning and Control Methodology (DPM): based on the user-defi ned dynamic modeling approach

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Park M, Pena-Mora F

Development of Dynamic Planning and Control Methodology (DPM): based on the user-defi ned dynamic modeling approach

Abstract: CPM-based scheduling methods have been most widely used in the planning and control of construction projects. However, their usefulness has been often questioned, particularly when a project is heavily constrained by either time or resources. This is mainly because those CPM-based methods lack the mechanism to effectively formulate construction plans and evaluate feedback effects on the construction performance. As an effort to address this issue, the Dynamic Planning and Control Methodology (DPM) has been developed by integrating the CPM-based network scheduling concept and the simulation approach. To be used as a standalone planning and control tool, DPM adopts the user-defi ed dynamic modeling approach, which allows construction planners to defi ne contents of pre-structured models by setting the values of model parameters. Having the ability to simulate the dynamic state of construction with the required fl exibility, DPM aims to help prepare a robust construction plan against uncertainties. Particularly, DPM focuses on construction feedbacks in dealing with indirect and unanticipated events that might occur during construction. As examined in a case study with bridge construction projects, the use of DPM would help ensure that construction projects could be delivered in time without driving up costs by enhancing planning and control capabilities.

Keywords: user-defined dynamic modeling, simulation, project management, dynamic modeling, system dynamics


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