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Paper itaec-2003-8:
Information link model for construction using artificial intelligence

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Al-Jibouri S, Mawdesley M, Al-Mohamdi G

Information link model for construction using artificial intelligence

Abstract: This paper reports on a novel project model developed to help clients plan, monitor and control their construction projects. It describes a knowledge-based system designed for this purpose. The paper initially concentrates on the practical aspect of knowledge acquisition indicating problems that were faced and solutions employed. Following this, the structure of the knowledge-based system which was developed is outlined and its use described. Conclusions are drawn as to the applicability of the model and the final system. The work undertaken shows that it is feasible to benefit from the field of artificial intelligence to develop a project manager assistant computer program that utilises the benefit of information and its links.

Keywords: construction, information model, project control, knowledge-based system, artificial intelligence


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