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Paper itaec-2004-23:
A Computer Based Software Tool for Assessing Plant Operatives' Productivity

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Edwards D J, Yang J, Love P E D

A Computer Based Software Tool for Assessing Plant Operatives' Productivity

Abstract: Developments in computer hardware and software have significantly influenced the accuracy of estimating and predicting construction productivity. To date, a plethora of unique computer software packages is readily available and these packages have helped to increase production and profitability whilst simultaneously reducing financial risk. This paper presents and describes the development of a new prototype Computer Based Software (CBS) human resource management tool, that can be used to assess a plant operative's potential productivity output. The CBS utilizes information extracted from a range of factors and variables that exhibit a significant correlation between machine production and operator attributes (for example, management practices and site conditions).

Keywords: computer software, productivity, plant operative, off-highway plant and equipment


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