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Paper itaec-2004-3:
Accelerating learning via virtual site visits

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Kumaraswamy M M

Accelerating learning via virtual site visits

Abstract: Web-based 'virtual site visits? have added a new dimension to the teaching learning environment of civil and construction engineering undergraduates in Hong Kong. Virtual visits, to both landmark and typical construction projects, overcome many obstacles, such as in moving large classes to the right places at the right times. They also enable convenient re-visits and multimedia enhancements for comprehensive appreciation of all relevant aspects. Such benefits have been demonstrably derived through CIVCAL - a computer aided teaching-learning package developed by a four-university multi-disciplinary team in Hong Kong. This paper provides examples of the multimedia-enhanced resources that are now available for supplementing teaching-learning through CIVCAL. The construction 'work study' module is described as an example of potential extrapolation to continuing education and better practice. This would also respond to recent industry pressures for enhanced value and productivity via 'lean construction? initiatives. Overall, the CIVCAL package also provides an example of another dimension in 'knowledge' capture and dissemination towards continuous improvement and organisational learning.

Keywords: construction, CIVCAL, Hong Kong, multimedia, virtual site visit, web-based


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