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Paper lc3-2017-122:
Using 360-Degree Interactive Panoramas to Develop Virtual Representation of Construction Sites

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Ricardo Eiris Pereira, Hashem Izadi Moud and Masoud Gheisari

Using 360-Degree Interactive Panoramas to Develop Virtual Representation of Construction Sites

Abstract: 360-degree panoramic virtual reality is a ubiquitous technique for visualizing complex construction environments that can be augmented with different layers of information. Unlike the common virtual environments that provide unrealistic computer-generated simulation of the environment, panoramic virtual reality is able to create highly realistic and detailed representations of the real environment while giving users a sense of immersion. In this study, interactive panoramas are made of a series of panoramic videos and photos, which are captured from a construction site. Various types of time/location-specific information (e.g., audio, video, virtual 2D, or 3D models) can be augmented in such panoramic virtual environments to create a natural interactive experience. Users will be able to navigate through the panoramic virtual environment of a complex construction project while interacting with augmented information to learn more about the construction project and job site. In this research a 360-degree panoramic virtual reality environment of a construction job site is created. This paper describes the development of interactive panoramic scenes using panoramic photos and videos. The procedure of creating the panoramic experience, the process of augmenting the captured panoramas with different layers of information and an integrated pilot study are described in details.

Keywords: 360-Degree Panorama, Interactive Panoramic Scenes, Virtual Reality, Immersive Virtual Experience, Construction Site Visit

DOI: https://doi.org/10.24928/JC3-2017/0122

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