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Paper lc3-2017-142:
Cloud-Based Project Management: Selecting IT Solutions for Construction Companies

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Gage Christianson, Evan Wilson, Matthew Henke, Omar Ahlnaity and Jeong Woo

Cloud-Based Project Management: Selecting IT Solutions for Construction Companies

Abstract: Cloud Based Software (CBS) has transformed the construction industry. CBS allows its users to access information from anyplace, at any time, given they have a platform, device and internet to access it. CBS programs have also developed from specialized programs in one company function, to specialized programs in several areas in the construction field, such as: daily logs, document/photo storage, prequalification, and scheduling. CBS has proven to significantly increase productivity and communication in the construction company. A research survey was conducted for construction companies in the Mid-West about their current usage of CBS programs. It was found that 84.4% of respondents reported having to use three or more different construction programs due to the fact that none completely satisfied all their cloud integration needs. 81.8% of respondents also reported inefficiently operating at less than two company functions per program. Respondents stated frustrations that programs are not all-inclusive and do not contain all of the day-to-day functions needed to run their project on one platform. This is evidence of the need for one program to be used for all daily company functions. It was found through research and analysis that there are all-in-one CBS programs available in the current market.

Keywords: Construction Information Technology (CIT), Cloud-Based Software (CBS), Construction Software Analysis, Construction Project Management, Construction Data Survey

DOI: https://doi.org/10.24928/JC3-2017/0142

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