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Paper lc3-2017-147:
A Step-By-Step Procedure for Implementing Mixed Reality Visualization Interfaces in Design and Constructability Review Sessions

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Suleiman Alsafouri and Steven K. Ayer

A Step-By-Step Procedure for Implementing Mixed Reality Visualization Interfaces in Design and Constructability Review Sessions

Abstract: In modern construction projects, architects, engineers, and designers use different methods of construction visualization to support the conceptualization and final appearance of design ideas. This includes the use of virtual Building Information Modelling (BIM) content, as well as physical mock-ups to support design visualization for decision-making prior to construction. Prior research has demonstrated a variety of benefits that BIM can provide for visualization. Mixed Reality (MR) may be able to offer some of the benefits of both purely physical mock-ups and purely virtual BIM walkthroughs. However, the prior studies used specific computing devices and MR applications for specific construction use-cases. The goals were to solve a specific problem, or to prove the concept that MR is possible for various uses. Therefore, it was necessary to develop the exact same MR environment that could run on different computing devices. This will allow for identification of the differences between different computing devices running the exact same MR environment. This paper presents a consistent methodology for leveraging existing BIM contents to generate marker-based MR environments on various commercially available computing devices. This study tests the methodology for development and validates it through successfully building and running the same MR environment on various devices. Additionally, challenges associated with implementing this visualization mode in design and constructability review sessions were highlighted. The research questions addressed include: 1) What are the steps needed for developing MR visualisation interfaces in design and constructability review sessions? and 2) What are the possible constraints that may influence MR performance on different mobile computers? The conclusion from this study will help researchers better understand the process for MR implementation and the limitations in using this visualization environment. Additionally, it may help to expand the use of MR interfaces for different construction use-cases.

Keywords: Mixed Reality, Mixed Reality Markers, Design and Constructability Review Session, Construction Technology, and Construction Visualization

DOI: https://doi.org/10.24928/JC3-2017/0147

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