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Paper lc3-2017-237:
Development of a BIM Adoption Impact Map

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Ury Gurevich and Rafael Sacks

Development of a BIM Adoption Impact Map

Abstract: Public construction procurement agencies pursue adoption of BIM in various ways, but they strive to set policies and take actions to achieve successful adoption. Success is measured by the overarching relationship between their BIM implementation and achievement of value for their clients and the occupants of the facilities built. Based on in-depth case studies of five large agencies subject to the UK Government BIM mandate, a hypothetical BIM Adoption Impact Map (BIM AIM) has been compiled. The map is a conceptual model of the myriad direct actions that form this relationship. In ongoing research, we aim to test the validity of each of the map's proposed action-impact connections, to detail their inputs, their decision parameters and their utility functions. The map will enable agencies to plan and monitor their BIM adoption processes by predicting how the actions they take bring value to the end users (occupants and clients) of their projects BIM. The research method requires development, testing and refining of the BIM AIM through field trials, surveys and case studies, development of a network modelling solution, and analysis of the model to reach a hypothetical final adoption map.

Keywords: Building Information Modeling, BIM Adoption, Organizational Change, Project Outcomes, Social Impact

DOI: https://doi.org/10.24928/JC3-2017/0237

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