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Paper lc3-2017-327:
Why Some BIM Tool Users Do Not Think of Themselves as BIM Users - A Preliminary Study

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Yongshin An and Ghang Lee

Why Some BIM Tool Users Do Not Think of Themselves as BIM Users - A Preliminary Study

Abstract: Some people claim that they are not users of building information modeling (BIM) even when they use BIM tools. This study investigates why some non-BIM users believe that they are not BIM users by analyzing their perceptions of BIM. To this end, a survey was conducted with BIM and non-BIM users in the Republic of Korea. The survey consisted of questions about the perception of BIM and non-BIM users toward BIM use, process, organization and policy. The results show that suspicious non-BIM users account for 65% of non-BIM users. The analysis of the survey reveals that non-BIM users who actually use BIM tools have a higher expectation of the level of overall BIM adoption than BIM users have. They believe that they are not BIM users, because they currently deploy only basic BIM uses that do not require a high level of collaboration, and they do not have a BIM specialist (BIM manager) in their group. Further research on the global view of BIM users is recommended.

Keywords: BIM (Building Information Modeling), BIM Use, BIM Process, BIM Organization, Suspicious Non-BIM User, PPTP Framework

DOI: https://doi.org/10.24928/JC3-2017/0327

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