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Paper w78-1988-157:
Product modeling of buildings for data exchange standards: from IGES to PDES/STEP and beyond

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Reed K A

Product modeling of buildings for data exchange standards: from IGES to PDES/STEP and beyond

Abstract: Digital data exchange problems are severe in the building community because of its organizational and operational complexity and the vast scope of its information needs. Early CAD data exchange standards, such as the Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (IGES), dealt exhaustively with the syntax or arrangement of the data to be exchanged. Most of the semantics or meaning of the data must be imposed by the user of the standard. Current work to develop the first international standard, called both the Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data (STEP---the IS0 nomenclature) and the Product Data Exchange Specification (PDES---the USA nomenclature), is based on an explicit definition of semantics at the user level. The response of the building community to these two different approaches to standardization is reviewed in terms of product modeling of buildings. A number of challenges are discussed in the context of building data.



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Permission to reproduce these documents has been graciously provided by the Lund University and the Swedish Building Centre. The assistance of the editors, Prof. Per Christiansson and Prof. Henry Karlsson, is gratefully appreciated.


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