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Paper w78-1988-39:
Facing a new reality in the computerazationN of the industry

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Bindslev B

Facing a new reality in the computerazationN of the industry

Abstract: The introduction of computers in the management of building projects has gone on since the early sixties. In recent years the use of personal computers has increased and will soon become widespread within the organizations of the industry. This development has followed the mechanization of manual work on building sites and in component factories in the fifties. The mechanization of information processing is a logical consequence of the ongoing industrialization of the society, because mechanized production requires adequate and efficient management of activities, In this situation organizations will undergo changes and will collaborate according to new patterns in order to profit by the new technology [ref 11. In Europe the introduction of the Inner Market will have effects which will require measures to ease communication between the parties of the industry. Therefore, the idea of a common artificial language has gained increasing interest. It has become necessary for technical reasons but also in order to facilitate communication among nations that use different natural languages. This paper outlines some of the problems related to formalization of co-ordinated communication in an industry facing a new reality [ref 21. Keywords Classification; Communication; Computer-aided Design; Databases; Neuro-linguistics; Project Management; Symbolic Logic.



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