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Paper w78-1991-14:
Knowledge-based CAD

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Lehto M

Knowledge-based CAD

Abstract: Since their introduction in the eighties, Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) systems have become ubiquitous among design engineers. From costly systems with simple interactive geometric capabilities, CAD-systems have evolved into affordable, but sophisticated tools which automate many aspects of design documentation and retrieval. The development of even routine designs, however, has still been a manual - and often tedious - process. These first generation CAD tools have provided gains in drafting productivity of 50% to 200% in repetitive design applications. This article describes the history and evolution of a new kind of knowledge-based CAD system, Design++. By providing significant new capabilities to support both the development and documentation of design solutions, Design++ increases productivity in design projects by ten to fifteen times, freeing engineers to make fuller use of their skills and creativity. Design" allows storage and re-use of engineering knowledge, supports engineering teamwork and concurrent engineering, enables "what-if' experimentation, integrates engineering disciplines, and automates generation of documents, including drawings, parts lists and specifications. Keywords: Knowledge-Based CAD, Intelligent CAD, Knowledge-Based Engineering System, Engineering Expert System, Design Automation.



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