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Paper w78-1991-15:
Integrative knowledge-based design systems: a view

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Petrovic I

Integrative knowledge-based design systems: a view

Abstract: The paper describes a recent project which objective was the redesign of GIMSEX- PERT, an existing architectural knowledge-based design system developed in 1987. Its critical generative problems appeared to be the rigid structure and limited evaluation criteria. The project's outcome is DESTOOLS, based on the "object-oriented-methodology", inspired by the traditional trial-and-error approach. It includes a set of interchangeable design methods that can be applied interactively by any desired sequence, producing or transforming a GIMS Building System object. Such "moderately-loose" sys- tem structure offers flexibility in use, avoids pitfalls of knowledge-based design systems with rigid structure, and is applicable in design research, education and practice.



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