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Paper w78-1991-21:
Some integration requirements for computer integrated building

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Tolman F P, Kuiper P

Some integration requirements for computer integrated building

Abstract: Introduction of computer technology in the Building and Construction industries follows a bottom-up approach. Bottom up approaches always lead to (1) communication problems on higher levels - in this case recognized as 'islands of automation' - subsequent followed by, more recently, (2) a plea for integration.. Although the word 'integration' quickly became in vogue, it is not clear what it really means and what it is that we are supposed to integrate. Another interesting and pressing question is: 'How to integrate the different integration efforts?' The paper discusses five hierarchical technical levels of integration. Each level will be elaborated in some detail. Also the relations between the levels will be brought into perspective. Non technical integration requirements1 (e.g. social, organisational, or legal) will not be discussed.



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