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Paper w78-1991-8:
Dynamic information system for modeling processes

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Diederiks H J, Van Staveren R J

Dynamic information system for modeling processes

Abstract: DINAMO is a dynamic Information System for Modeling of Design Processes. It is intended for use along with product models, data management systems and existing applications. In DINAMO a programming user can define processes. These processes are represented by graphs. The graphs are characterized by nodes and relations between nodes. Each node in a graph represents a task, and each relation can be restricted to conditions. So the way in which a process is actually been performed, that is the actual path to be evaluated through the graph, can depend on certain conditions. Processes and functions (= software modules) are available to the user as tasks. A consuming user can activate tasks; the DINAMO system regulates the dispatch of the tasks, conform the process and function definitions. Tasks are collected on sheets; sheets are collected in a task box. A task box can be regarded as a certain environment, determined by the programming user. A consuming user can choose between the environments which are available at that moment. With the DINAMO system software and process definitions can be re-used in a simple way.



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