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Paper w78-1992-206:
Evaluation of existing CAD programs used by clients in housing design and marketing

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Friedman A, Medek L

Evaluation of existing CAD programs used by clients in housing design and marketing

Abstract: There exists a knowledge gap between architects and buyers in the North American homebuilding industry. Mass produced housing is commonly conceived for a user whose needs are unknown to the designer during the design process. In a built model unit, potential home-buyers canappreciate how their future home will look prior to the purchasing decision. Changing this process, by allowing the user to participate in the design process, can only be accepted once both the builder's and the buyers' objectives are satisfied. We wanted to explore the possibility of having clients directly involved in their home design for the purpose of improving both user satisfaction as well as unit marketing potential. Given the fact that computers have become more accessible toboth designers and the public at large, we assumed that users can operate a pre-prepared program by themselves, on which they can make limited design decisions. In our preliminary research, we found several software companies that are already marketing such programs. The objectives of our research were to determine the merit of these programs and to establish their potential in order to narrow the knowledge gap between builders/ architects and clients in the marketing and the construction of housing. We found that these programs do not adequately familiarize the user with the manipulation of the software or hardware systems. Their operation is rather complex for the lay person and better documentation and instructions are needed if these programs are to be integrated in the future marketing of housing.



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