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Paper w78-1992-227:
The status of construction EDI in North America

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Gibson E, Bell L C

The status of construction EDI in North America

Abstract: Electronic data interchange (EDI) is an innovative technology that has been used effectively in the aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing industries for the direct computer-to-computer exchange of standard business documents. Documents that are routinely transmitted using EDI include purchase orders, purchase order acknowledgments, material releases, requests for quotations, supplier bids, and fund transfers. Over the past three years, the North American construction industry has embraced the usage of electronic data interchange (EDI) through pilot projects, full-scale implementations and the formation of a focussed EDI user group representing many companies--the Construction Industry Action Group ( CIAG). The basic concepts of electronic data interchange are presented and the status of the development of both national and international EDI standards is discussed. This paper will briefly outline the North American construction EDI evolution and discuss successful case studies, important findings and future directions of EDI in the industry.



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