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Paper w78-1992-343:
Automated generation of rules from the national building code text

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Moulin B

Automated generation of rules from the national building code text

Abstract: The Canadian National Building Code (NBC) outlines a set of model technical requirements with respect of public safety in public buildings. Like most regulatory texts, NBC evolves rapidly as a consequenceof the accelerated pace of building science and building material technologies. Fewer NBC users (architects, builders, engineers) will havethe expertise and time to correctly identify and interpret building safety regulations, and will rely even further on a limited number of knowledgeable experts. The reported research investigates the possibility of generating knowledge bases from the analysis of NBC text. These knowledge bases could be used by consultation systems (expert systems)which could help users in checking the characteristics of buildings against NBC prescriptions. We present SACD a knowledge acquisition system which analyses regulatory texts and generates a rule base whose logical content is equivalent to the original text content. We illustrateSACD utilization on the firewall section of the French version of NBC.



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