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Paper w78-1992-369:
The ICADS model in retrospect

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Pohl J, Myers L, Chapman A

The ICADS model in retrospect

Abstract: This paper reviews work, involving the development and implementation of a prototype working model of an intelligent computer-aided design system (ICADS), conducted at the CAD Research Unit over the past four years. In the ICADS model, images drawn by the architect are analysed in background to establish higher level architectural objects, such as spaces, windows, doors and furniture. Combined with non-geometric attributes obtained from prototypical building type and contextual site/neighborhood knowledge bases, these design objects serve as a highlevel representation of the current state of the design solution. Domain experts, functioning as intelligent design tools, continuously evaluate the current state of the progressively evolving solution model to test solution validity, confirm design program compliance and propose alternative solution strategies. Conflicts among the domain experts are resolved within a blackboard-like coordination and control system.The domain experts and the blackboard, together constituting an Expert Design Advisor, are implemented in a production rule environment utilizing a frame- based representation structure.



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