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Paper w78-1993-10:
An extended structured query language incorporating object data types for the construction industry

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Hollister K C

An extended structured query language incorporating object data types for the construction industry

Abstract: will have a dramatic positive impact on productivity is the development of an appropriate database language. This research involved the development of a standard construction industry specific extension to the Standard Query Language (SQL), the de fact0 international standard for relational database query languages. Construction Industry-SQL (CI-SOL), is the first industrial extension to SQL and serves as a prototype for a host of other extensions from other ifidustries. CI-SQL uses object data, object attributes, and user-defined extensions to allow rapid access to industry databases. CI-SQL can play a significant role in the way infoi mation is retrieved by Construction industry, allowing the development of robust databases that support SQL. Ultimately the implementation of CI-SQL will force industry to reconsider the heavy duplication of information that negatively affects productivity and will allow the introduction of keyless data entry and retrieval systems that enhance the speed and accuracy of information handling. Examples in construction material procurement will be used to illustrate the potential for CI-SQL applications. The ultimate use of CI-SQL will be to allow the use of keyless data entry systems, the foremost of which is bar coding, in construction specifications. The key to developing a system of information handling in construction that



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