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Paper w78-1993-19:
A time dimension for computer aided architectural design systems

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Smeltzer G T, Dijkstra J

A time dimension for computer aided architectural design systems

Abstract: With the aid of CMD-systems several design stages can be recorded. With them the design process that was foIlowed can be set down and reconstructed too. I f these diEerernt design stages originate from one and the same file, they can easily be compared with each other. These were the starting point5 that led to a research into the possibility to record all design data, generated during an architectural derign process, in one infonriation system in a 'temporally' coordinated manner. For this we should be able to record and reproduce the design stages as well as the processes t h t led to them. The central issue in this research is the way in which teinporal aspects of design information can be registered in the architectural data system. The infinity of the size of the information system and the finiteness of the capacity of recording media should be takeri into account here. This initid paper deals with the presentaxiun of an original idea coiicerning the possibilities and restrictions of computer systems as tools for the design process. Before long research results in thi: form uf a fhetional desig and a first prototype can be presented.



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