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Paper w78-1993-2-135:
Building integrity: classification beyond building parts and spaces

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Keijer U

Building integrity: classification beyond building parts and spaces

Abstract: The effective use of information technology, IT, in the building process requires a common language of well designed classification and coding systems with clear rules for their application. To date, building elements and spaces are the principal concepts submitted to classification for the building sector. A third concept, the interactions between building parts, elements, spaces and system is less considered as an area for systemizing and classification. However, neglecting the interaction problems, which could affect what will be called the Building Intep'ty, BI, causes many negative effects during the building process and operation, eg, increased cost, low quality of the finished building and uncertain and vague distribution of responsibility between an increasing number of actors and suppliers of the building process. An analysis of the problem is presented, a few examples are given and a tentative set of principal classification concepts are established. The research is still in a preliminary stage. An indication of a possible place for an implemented IT support system, ITSS, supporting BI aspects in the building process is given.

Keywords: building integrity; building process; classification; information technology; system


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