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Paper w78-1993-2-149:
Executive information system for construction contract ridding decisions

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Couzens A, Thorpe T, Skitmore M

Executive information system for construction contract ridding decisions

Abstract: This paper describes the development of an integrated Executive Information System (EIS) for supporting construction executives and senior managers strategic information requirements. The system focuses on the provision of organisational and external market information for contract bidding decisions. The system uses a proprietary microcomputer based EIS development environment to access ' synthetic ' data structures representing the LAN architecture of a typical construction firm. This paper explains the theory and technologies related to the development of such systems. This is followed by a general discussion of the analysis techniques adopted for development and definition of the system. The bulk of the paper relates to a description of the proposed prototype system and its application. The system itself serves as a nucleus for access to a variety of data providing strategic information for contract bidding decisions. The development methodologies and the resulting prototype serve as a template for development of similar EIS and Visual Information Access (VIA) systems in a wider executive and senior manager information support role.

Keywords: contract bidding; tender adjudication; strategic information; executive support system; information scanning


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