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Paper w78-1993-2-17:
Strategic Use of IT in Some European Construction Firms

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Bjornsson H, Lundegard R

Strategic Use of IT in Some European Construction Firms

Abstract: A study has been carried out in which a number of large construction firms in Europe have been investigated with regard to management thinking in the area of IT. There is a common understanding of the strategic importance of IT, but the means for using the technology strategically are not well developed. Some theoretical frameworks for analysing the firms studied have been developed based on earlier work done by management researchers. The project-oriented nature of construction may make it necessary to modify existing theories. It is believed that although these frameworks cannot be used directly in the strategy-writing process of a contractor, they can help create awareness and explain possible effects of various generic strategies. A number of problems arise in trying to compare strategies or investment patterns between different construction organizations. Some of these problems will be discussed together with some ways of coping with them. Some conclusions about similarities and differences in the management view of IT will be stated from an international perspective.

Keywords: strategic advantage; IT-strategy; corporate strategy; impact of IT, European construction


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