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Paper w78-1993-2-269:
ASA, An interactive assistant to architectural designers

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Colajanni B, Fornarelli A, Giretti A, Naticchia B, Pellitteri G

ASA, An interactive assistant to architectural designers

Abstract: In the management of information for the design case reasoning seems the best fit for simulating the real designer s behaviour. In order to construct a plausible interactive assistant to architectural designers three main problems are to be solved: the way of encoding and indexing technical knowledge in order to easily recover the best starting case; the way of giving semantics to sketches; the way of coming to terms with inconsistencies generated during the process. An interactive architectural assistant is proposed based on case reasoning, managing architectural information encoded in a memory of real instances of the architectural type of reference and technical information encoded according the SfB system. Its architecture is made of two main parts. The first includes case memory, case recovery engine, abstraction engine and the design board. It manages the general and specific case knowledge in its abstract and semantics given form. The second includes the tools to generate single objects composing the architectural organism both directly and in parametric form, constraint management and consistency checking. The representation of the state of the object is twofold as a drawing in the drafting board, as a symbolic representation in the design board in which all the attributes of the object are recorded together with their relationships. The graphics of the assistant is implemented in AutoCAD environment while the alphanumeric knowledge is implemented in Kappa. The general architecture of ASA and the single modules are described, followed by a simulation of a session of work.

Keywords: case reasoning; architectural assistant; knowledge engineering


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