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Paper w78-1993-2-467:
A design notification scheme for distributed AEC framework

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Tiwari S, Howard H C, Levit R E

A design notification scheme for distributed AEC framework

Abstract: The Architecture, Engineering and Construction design process (AEC) involves participation of many inter-dependent specialists, who nevertheless make autonomous design decisions in their specialized domains. This fragmented and multidisciplinary design process often suffers from inadequate communication among specialists and a lack of coordination of design information. In this paper, we present a design-change notification scheme for a distributed engineering environment. The notification scheme facilitates conflict resolution by providing the relevant information about the design objects involved in a conflict. It operates on a global design repository, which uniformly captures the design data and cross-functional design dependencies. Upon detection of a design conflict, notification messages are automatically generated and delivered to concerned project participants in a particular sequence that is based on the nature of the conflict and the roles of the parties involved. We assert that this type of notification system in a design environment will facilitate identification of design conflicts early in the design process, and should decrease the number of change orders and rework during the construction phase. Fewer change orders and reduced project meetings can result in enhanced trust, improved cooperation, and lower project costs.

Keywords: design conflict; architecture, engineering and construction; engineering databases; constraint management; distributed systems


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