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Paper w78-1993-2-495:
Integrating the building procurement process using knowledge based technology

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Drogemuller R M, Smith J

Integrating the building procurement process using knowledge based technology

Abstract: Computer based methods for facilitating building procurement have been proposed for over twenty years, but progress on such systems has been slow. This paper describes a project built around a three dimensional computer model of the building to be constructed, Knowledge based techniques are used to build up the level of detail required at each stage of development. Data entry requirements are minimised since only the information unique to the project need be entered. Standard information is stored as default values from previous similar projects. The user interface is simple, with a combination of menus to control the flow of information and dialogues to enter textual information. An ‘intelligent’ CAD interface is used to enter the building geometry. The system has been developed around the design and construction of detached houses, but the principles demonstrated are relevant across the standard building types. In its current form the user can access the geometric and spatial parameters of the building, derive costing data and perform thermal analyses. There is an option to export scheduling information to an eaernal CPM program. This furnishes the basis for planning the construction activities. The flexibility of the system indicates that knowledge based systems are a viable technology for assisting construction management.

Keywords: knowledge based systems; knowledge based estimating; multi-expert system; geometric reasoning; Prolog


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