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Paper w78-1993-2-65:
The Nature of Managing IT and Its Managerial Challenges

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Chiu M-L

The Nature of Managing IT and Its Managerial Challenges

Abstract: Management of information technology (IT) is increasingly important for organizations and users at the work environment. This paper, first, introduces the way IT is changing the work environment. Second, failure to integrate IT, building systems and the work environment is addressed as a result of the subdivision of responsibility by professional discipline and poor communications in team decision-making. Third, this paper describes the nature of managing IT, which is a life-cycle activity and a problem-solving business. Furthermore, managing IT requires multi-disciplinary participation in the delivery process. Finally, four managerial challenges are provided for all professions in the field, including to assess what the users need, plan for better systems integration, manage the project delivery process effectively, and use computer aids for education and training.

Keywords: information technology; project delivery process; decision-making; management; computer aids


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