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Paper w78-1993-23:
The role of information management in the development of a strategic model of buildability

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Chen S E, Mcgeorge W D, Ostwald M J

The role of information management in the development of a strategic model of buildability

Abstract: The key to the successful irnpiernentation of buildability lies with the effective management of information through all stages of the project life cycle and across functional divisions. The majority of building design errors occur not because of the lack of information, but the lack of management of infortnation. Buildability requires information affecting the quality of project decision making tO be timely, relevant and effectively communicated to the decision makers.A strategic management model of buildability has been developed based on the working definition that buildability is "the extent to which decision made during the whole building procurement process, ultimately,facilitate the ease of construction and the quality of the completed project'! This strategic model is underpinned by the conviction that information technology offers the means to overcome the space and time communication problems which have beset previous attempts to introduce effective buildability programmes. The capacity to process and manage large quantities of data is seen as an essential attribute of buildability. The approach adopted is that of a holistic view of Factors which we likely to impact on not only the design and construction process, but of the total procurement process. This allows the boundaries of' the buildability management model to be adjusted to be appropriate to specific project coridirions. This paper will describe an information management framework which will support the implementation of the buildibility management model.



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