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Paper w78-1994-13:
A KBS for the integration of acoustical aspects to building design activities

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Karroum M, Sauce G, Achard G

A KBS for the integration of acoustical aspects to building design activities

Abstract: In the submitted paper, a KBS for supporting the acoustical design of buildings is described. The main objective of this system is to allow the integration of the acoustical aspects in the building design activities, with a special emphasis on the necessity to consider the acoustical aspects during the early design stages, (i. e. Massing and Sketching), In fact, building design can be considered as a regulative, integrative process which can be divided into several stages. However, four design stages are commonly identified. Massing Design Stage, Sketching Design Stage, Preliminary Design Stage and Detailed Design Stage. In order to carry out the system, a set of tools should be proposed. These tools must allow the user (designer) to perform the different tasks related to acoustical design of a building in relation to i- the design stage and -ii the other areas which could be considered from an acoustical point of view as design constraints. In addition, they must enable use of the different strategies used in the design activities i. e. refinement prototypes and generation prototypes. Augmented Transition Networks are proposed to represent the acousstical design process, with this representation being based on the use of arcs and nodes. On finally the architecture of system is proposed.



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