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Paper w78-1994-15:
Database approach to cost effective design of a frame system

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Karumo Jari, Majahalme Tapio

Database approach to cost effective design of a frame system

Abstract: In structural design, there are plenty of analysis software which handle individual building components, but there are only few programs that view the individual components as comprising a system needing a conceptual solution. The general trend in software development has been to concentrate on case dependent solutions incapable of general use or data transportation to other applications. This study has attempted to address these short comings. The goal of the research was familiarization with modeling of computer application for structural design. The focus was the choice structure to be used during project planning phase of the frame systems in an ofice building. Part of the research project was to create new application software, which was used to test the presented models. In this research the modeling of the frame systems was carried out using activity and conceptual models. The activity model was used to describe the actions and decisions made in the process of choosing of the frame system. The emphasis was in the search for the situations where choices are guided by economical factors. The conceptual modeling was realized using the ER model. In it, the frame system was presented in three segments. Each segment formed its own independent part. The main idea was that frame systems are constructed of building components attached together; and each of those has it' own manufacturing, transportation and assembly costs, depending on the type of the component. The application created in the research project was used in testing the models. The basic requirement for the demonstration of the software was the need for a graphical representation of the modeling of the frame systems. The interface of the application was a CAD system. A relational database system was used to store the information. Both graphical and alphanumeric libraries of the main building component types of the frame were made. The design of the frame systems was carried out by choosing the types of the component instances from the library. The equivalent instances in the graphical and the relation database were linked together: Thus the databases of the systems could be used as a whole, even though the information was located in different databases.



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