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Paper w78-1994-23:
Digital orthophotography and terrain modeling

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Mikkonen P, Niskanen J

Digital orthophotography and terrain modeling

Abstract: There is a growing interest in utilizing raster format data in civil engineering applications. An essential question is how to use photographs as digital reference data in geographical information system (GIS) or equivalent applications. This is possible using orthophotographical solutions. Software development has made it possible to use computerized methods in orthorectification process. This paper presents basic concepts of digital orthophotography, which include the properties of a conventional (aerial) photograph, rasterizing and orthorectification. Digital orthorectification utilizes digital terrain modelling techniques, which are discussed briefly. Some practical applications are also discussed. The result of this study presents a business oriented approach to the computerization of models for information handling in facility management. The models are designed to be expedient to future applications which is expected to be the next step.



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