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Paper w78-1994-29:
Are scanned drawings sufficient for facility management work?

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Kjell Svensson Magnus Hunhammar, Zabielski L

Are scanned drawings sufficient for facility management work?

Abstract: In the construction industry today we see that the focus has changed from design and construction to facility management. To meet rising demands on efficiency and service in facility management, together with a larger and more complicated amount of information, there is a need for using information technology, Drawings are traditionally the most important source of information and this will probably remain so in the future. Almost all drawings are today kept as paper documents or as micro-films. The first step towards a computerised operation is to transform these drawings into a digital format. This paper describes the numbers and various types of drawings involved in facility management and in what way they are used. The hypothesis “there is no need to vectorise huge volumes of old drawings - it is enough to scan them ‘ is tested through a prototype system. This prototype seems to handle and use the graphical information in ways that are suitable for facility management. In the prototype system, drawings are linked together and combined with alpha- numerical documents and database facts in accordance with a building product model structure. The recent progress of scanning techniques, including efficient compression of raster files and the raster-vector overlay technique for CAD and database applications, makes scanning a satisfactory way of digitising old drawings. A desirable development of the scanning technique would be automatic or semi- automatic recognition of building products in drawings of raster format. This will facilitate the use of building product-structured information that is created in the construction process. And this will further integrate design and construction with facility management.



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