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Paper w78-1994-36:
Product model based communication between applications

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Junge R, Ammermann E

Product model based communication between applications

Abstract: One of the goals of so called intelligent IT surely is to come to solutions for computer systems and working environments that are close to the human kind of thinking and doing work. What are the implications of that goal on integrated IT solutions for AE? Not only since computers are in use of architects and engineers, the design team is trying to achieve the goal of an integrated design. The traditional integrated design process is based on communication between the persons forming the design team. The quality of the integration directly depends on the quality of the communication. This traditional communication process is done by exchanging sketches, drawings, calculations, descriptions and the spoken word. The design team consists of various specialized members, with very different engineering education and skills. This results in very specific technical terminologies and understanding of the meaning of the "design objects". How are these specialists able to communicate in spite of that for an outsider sometimes Babylonian confusion of tongues? ...



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