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Paper w78-1994-5:
CAESAR - an architecture for enterprise modelling in the aec industry

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Christiansen T, Thomsen J

CAESAR - an architecture for enterprise modelling in the aec industry

Abstract: This paper reviews work in progress concerning information modelling in support of enterprise engineering, and discuses how important modelling challenges are being addressed to support more cost effective development of offshore installations for oil production in the Norwegian part of the North Sea. The paper describes a framework and a methodology for information modelling of real world project enterprises and presents initial application examples from the offshore oil and gas industry. CAESAR Offshore is a research program undertaken jointly by Norwegian oil companies, engineering ms, research institutions and the Norwegian Research Council, with the aim of utilising information-technology-based methods and tools which lead to more cost effective field development and operation. As a part of CAESAR Offshore we are developing an object oriented system architecture consisting of a framework and methodology for information modelling, based on our belief that complete and correct enterprise models of development projects must include both the project requirements, deliverables, activities and organisation. Thus information models of projects must represent both the objective, product, process and organisation dimensions. Based upon a model of engineering design, we explicate and relate the enterprise dimensions, and outline a way of describing the difference between planned action and actual behaviour. We implement our model architecture according to an information meta-model, based on a set of common reference entities, and a general offshore reference model. In our work we are using the offshore reference model, as the basis for modelling offshore platforms, design of hydraulic system for offshore production units, and project control systems for engineering design projects.



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